In 2000 we lost our beloved German Wirehaired Pointer Purdy and decided it was time to introduce a new addition to our doggy family.

The question was what? It had to be a terrier, a healthy breed, with a no nonesense attitude which did not need loads of grooming, would not drag in too much mud, did not 'go to ground'(owners of other terriers will understand this!), had long enough legs to go out with the bikes and had a bit more 'oomph' than a whippet. (It would also be helpful if it fitted through the dog-flap without having to limbo as our GWP had to!) So we turned to the 'net and found the Manchester Terrier.

After contacting the breed club (British Manchester terrier Club) we were put in touch with Carol and Ray of the 'Quixol' Manchester terriers and Bracken (Quixol Charity at Egloshayle) joined our family. When we picked her up I said I might do the odd Open show and Carol said 'If I kept her I would hope to make her a Champion'. Well 'red rags and bulls come to mind' and in less than two years I had made my Bracken a Champion!

Two years later a repeat mating produced Ivy (Quixol Misty Ivy at Egloshayle) and the rest, as they say, is history............

From Brackens first litter we bred two Champions Ch Egloshayle Black Falcon at Newtonian(Smeagol) and Egloshayle Black Samphire(Sami). From Ivys' only litter in 2008 we bred Ch Egloshayle Black Rosewyn (Rosie) and from Samis' first litter we bred Ch Egloshayle Sea Lily and her second litter Int Ch Egloshayle King Arthur. There are also many other winning progeny and descendants out there in the show ring.

However our greatest successes must be measured in terms of the ones who have gone to pet homes to make well adjusted companions to these special families. We have also made many good friends through puppies going to lovely homes from far and wide. You know who you are!

We have four generations of Mannies living here with us. They are house dogs and are not kennel dogs. We do not have kennels! They all live together as a pack and are not kept separately for any reason,(apart from when one has puppies but then only initially). They have to co-exist harmoniously and pretty much do apart from the odd spat, soon sorted out within the pack which is only to be expected with five bitches.

Our puppies are very special to us and we strive to ensure that as far as possible any prospective owners are sure they are the breed for them. Please note it is far more important to us that they have good homes as opposed to show homes. Also please accept that if you are interested in a puppy we need to know about you! Therefore if you do not want to answer questions please do not ask to have one of our puppies. Be assured it is in everyone's best interests as I do not want to see any Manchester Terrier end up in rescue. (Or families have nervous breakdowns!)

We do not hold a list as such but are happy to set up a dialogue with anyone who is seriously interested in a pup. We are always happy to chat on the phone (01208 816075 evenings and weekends) and for prospective owners to come and meet our Mannies, by prior arrangement, here at Egloshayle.

All puppies are reared to adhere to the guidelines laid down by the assured breeder scheme and when sold go with an extensive puppy pack from photos of the rellies to a collar and lead! They also go with a lifetime of help and advice.

All thegirls are Von Willibrand clear by DNA testing or parentage.

We hope you find our site of interest and always enjoy any feedback from visitors to the site.

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